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Rug Cleaning
Oriental Rug Bazaar knows you want your rug to be practical AND pretty. So, while your rug can be walked all over, it also needs to be maintained with good care and cleaning. After some time, the normal wear and tear your rug is subjected to causes dust to become fixed in the fibers, fringe to look dingy and unkempt, and colors to dull and lose their luster.
To keep your rug looking new and fresh, we recommend cleaning your rugs once every 3 years. If your rug is placed in a highly used area, such as a foyer or entryway, you may choose to clean it as often as every six months or more, depending on the amount of dirt and staining. An improper cleaning, however, can do more harm than good, which is why it’s important to have your rug cleaned by an expert.
At Oriental Rug Bazaar, our professional rug cleaning department uses years of experience and knowledge to select the right treatment and care required to clean your rug, based on its fiber content (wool, silk, cotton, synthetic material, etc.) and type of dirt/staining.
Our Expert Rug Cleaning Process

  1. Before beginning any cleaning, our team inspects the rug for any tears or damage which could be exacerbated by the cleaning process. Any necessary repairs are done to restore the integrity of the rug.
  2. The piece is dusted, using a state-of-the-art dusting machine to loosen and remove any particles from the interior and surface of the rug.
  3. The rug is submerged in fresh water mixed with a specifically formulated solution to ensure the dyes are unharmed. We take added care when handling fine collector pieces or antiques. Hand-brush methods are used to preserve the delicate structure and pile of the rug.
  4. After a final rinse, the rug is hung in a specialized drying room, which features a controlled climate and combination of fans to allow for quick, clean drying.
  5. After the main body of the rug is clean, our experts meticulously clean the fringe, restoring it to its original color and luster.

Rug Restoration
Oriental Rug Bazaar prides itself on having educated in-house sales staff and consummate cleaning professionals, as well as a team of expert conservators and highly qualified weavers with in-depth knowledge of colors, textures and composition who can handle any antique or new rug/tapestry repairs. As with improper cleaning, amateur restoration can negatively affect the worth and look of your piece, so we specialize in preserving the value of your investment.
Our goal in every repair is simple: to restore a carpet to sound condition, while preserving the intrinsic character and value of the fine work of art. Our skilled, professional weavers will perform the techniques necessary to restore your rug to its original condition. We repair holes or tears in the edges and body, replace pile where it has worn away, as well as other forms of restoration. This may include backing, re-weaving and supporting areas of worn pile.
Our attention to detail and complicated conservation techniques to restore a large piece can take several months. Oriental Rug Bazaar's patience and meticulous methods reflect the exacting standards of our conservators.

Certified Rug Appraisal
The personnel at Oriental Rug Bazaar are also equipped to offer help with certified rug appraisals. Our licensed appraisers are certified by the International Society of Appraisers and can provide you with a detailed and thorough inspection to authenticate and assess the value of your rug. Protect yourself against loss, theft, or damage of your investment by having a certified appraisal to prove the value of your rug.
For each appraisal, our experts will confirm the identity, quality and value of your area rug by assessing its history, describing its condition, and documenting its size, age, style and country of origin. Once your piece has been appraised, we will provide you with documentation to verify the information ascertained throughout the thorough assessment.
We work with many attorneys, private insurance adjusters and national insurance companies, including: Farmers, Allstate, Prudential and State Farm. We appraise all types of new and antique rugs, including fine Persian workshop rugs, tribal designs, flat woven kilims, tapestries and more. Call us today with any questions or for more information and pricing at (713) 960.9070.

Rug Studio Rental
Are you a photographer, set decorator, or stylist? Maybe you’re hosting an event and want to go the extra mile?
At Oriental Rug Bazaar, we know firsthand the beauty and style that can be added to a space by the presence of a striking rug. With a vast inventory of unique antique and new rugs, we can help you find a piece that will set the scene and complete your vision, no matter the type, scale, or location of your event. Along with a wide selection, we have experienced and resourceful personnel to assist you in finding the perfect rug to rent.
Please contact the Oriental Rug Bazaar today to set up an appointment with one of our representatives for more information. You can reach us by phone (713) 960.9070 or in person at 5525 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77056.

Essential Rug Pads
Just as important as choosing and caring for your area rug is the part you’re not meant to see: the rug pad. Professional rug padding (often called underlay) keeps your rug from slipping and offers protection from long-term damage, whether rugs are placed over hard-surface flooring, like tile or wood, or soft flooring, like wall-to-wall carpet. With the proper underlay, the fibers and individual knots of your antique or new rug will be protected against excessive friction/rubbing, which over time could damage the weave unnecessarily.
Additionally, occasional problems can occur when foreign liquids drop onto your carpet (alcohol, chemical cleaning liquids, nail polish remover and the like). Rug padding serves as an added barrier, protecting the flooring under your rug from further damage.
Oriental Rug Bazaar offers a full assortment of rug underlay or padding and an educated staff to help you choose the right style and size to suit your needs.

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